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Believe and Achieve

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Our Program

Our program and practice is informed by the Early Years Learning Framework ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’, in a play based learning approach where children are actively supported to engage with the environment, resources and people. We promote literacy understandings as children engage with signs and symbols in our environment and make their own to represent ideas, read books and contribute to group discussions. The children explore mathematical and scientific concepts by sorting and classifying materials, building with the blocks, colour mixing as they paint, conducting experiments, and caring for living creatures in our environment.


Our program is constantly evolving, and is guided by the voices and ideas of children, families and educators. We value and build on children’s interests and strengths, and encourage children to investigate, imagine, create, experiment and explore their world, as well as develop positive relationships with others. Experiences are designed for children to extend their skills and further their development in all areas of the curriculum, which also encourages preparation for school. At Cardiff South Public School Preschool we aim to ensure that “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.” (EYLF page 7)


The children are involved in extended periods of play in both the indoor and outdoor environment as part of our daily routine. We are focused on supporting children to be independent and resourceful learners, with our play environments designed to support children to direct their own learning and make choices to develop their sense of agency. We instil a culture of respect at our Preschool, ensuring children develop the skills to effectively communicate and recognise the needs of others as well as their own needs.


Each child's learning journey is captured through observations, photographs, videos, summative assessments and work samples that reflects their interests and explorations over the year. This portfolio celebrates each child's achievements, and captures their emerging sense of identity and wellbeing, as well as how they connect and contribute to the world, how they are becoming confident and involved learners, and effective communicators.