Cardiff South Public School

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Telephone02 4954 7296


From our Community

  • If you wish to contact a staff member at any time, please email the school and the staff member will generally respond within two working days. Please clearly mark the email to the attention of the required staff member.
  • If you wish to speak with a staff member during normal school hours (8:30am-3:30pm) please phone the school and your call will be put through if possible. If the staff member is unavailable, they will return your call as soon as possible (generally within two working days).
  • Teachers are generally available in the mornings or afternoon (when they do not have meetings) for conversations. Booking a time in advance is always advised.
  • For general information, please contact our school office during normal working hours.

To our Community


  • Every morning at 10am a text is automatically sent to the main carer for any child who is absent - just reply to this text to explain the absence.

Sentral Parent App

  • Push notifications with reminders, urgent information, permission notes, excursion information and payments. Student absence can be explained through the Parent App.


  • Will generally come from the school email address or from Sentral (may appear as


  • Reminders and general school information. Facebook is a place for celebration as well. We monitor Facebook for appropriate use but not for instant messaging. Queries through Facebook may not get to the person required - please email the school.


  • At times we might need to contact parents/carers directly via telephone. This will happen during normal school hours.