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Useful Information

Custody Orders and AVOs

If your child is subject to custody orders that impact on school could you please ensure a copy of these orders are lodged with the office staff. This needs to be done annually to ensure the best care for your child.

Personal Details

If you have changed personal details eg address, phone numbers including work or mobile please contact the front office asap so that we can update our records. Also, if there has been a change in emergency contact details please speak to one of the ladies in the front office, or email changes to the school. This will ensure that we contact the most appropriate people in the event of an emergency.


Parents may have noticed some recent media attention on students' attendance at school. Please be aware that poor attendance at school is one of the indicators for childhood neglect. Poor attendance is described as missing a minimum of 10% of school time (about 5 days per term). Overall, attendance by students at Cardiff South Public School is generally very good. However, areas of concern exist with small groups in some years and with individual families. This can be for a variety of reasons, but it is vital for all students that they attend.

Absence from School

If your child is absent from school, you are legally required to explain the reason for their absence within 7 days of the absence.  This can be done, by sending a note in to your child's class teacher on the day they return, by using the Skoolbag App or responding to a text from the school sent after 10am. If your doctor provides you with a medical certificate for your child, a copy can be provided to school to support their absence if you choose. From time to time, families plan holidays during the school term. In the past, parents could complete an application for an ‘exemption' from school which the principal was able to review and approve. Family holidays are no longer an accepted category for exemption from school attendance. An explanation of the absence must be provided and accepted by the principal and will be recorded as ‘leave'. If your family is planning a holiday during a school term, please submit a letter to the office addressed to Mr Meek briefly explaining the holiday and the dates involved. It is always best to do this in advance and also to inform your child's class teacher.

Drop off and collection of students

Supervision in our school commences at 8:30am in the mornings, as a result, students are not permitted to be on the school grounds before this time. To ensure students' well-being we also ask that parents do not linger in the playground before school as it presents us with some supervision issues. It is best if you kiss them and wave goodbye particularly if they are a child that is a little anxious at the start of the day. At the end of the day, our gates which are locked during the day will be opened at 2:50pm (once Kindergarten are full-time) and parents can wait for students to come out after the bell. Again, it helps us identify students who have not been collected on time if families are quick to leave the school grounds once their children are collected. Please do not linger in the playground or around the COLA area.


We have a fabulous canteen that is open to our students for lunch and recess on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The canteen is supported by our P&C and is run by our paid supervisor, Emma Hayes and a wonderful group of parent volunteers. Emma and the canteen committee would welcome any new volunteers to the canteen this year. We value your time and also our canteen, which can't be sustained without your support. If you have any time you could offer, Emma would love to hear from you; she is especially needing to fill some spots on Fridays, once a month is all we ask. It's a great opportunity to get involved in the school and meet some of the other parents. If you can help, please contact Jenny at the canteen or leave your name and number at the office. Thank you!

Fixed Equipment

For safety and due to supervision requirements, our fixed equipment is out of bounds and not to be used before or after school. Your assistance in keeping students, relatives and particularly younger siblings off the fixed equipment is appreciated.

Term Statements

Each term in Week 3 (approx.), we send home a term statement, one per family, which outlines all of the anticipated expenses that have been invoiced for that term. It will include excursions, in-school performances, discos etc. We'd ask that families pay the invoices promptly where possible. As has been our policy, students will not be permitted to take part in activities for which they have not paid. If your family is experiencing financial difficulty, please make an appointment to speak with Mr Meek to discuss your circumstances, as you may be eligible for some assistance.


For families that are new to our school, our School timetable is as follows:

8:55        Assembly                                                            1:10        Lunch

9:00        Morning session                                               2:00        Afternoon session

11:00     Recess                                                                  3:00        Home time

11:25     Middle session

School Assemblies

Full school assemblies are on Friday afternoons at 2pm in the school hall.  Classes will continue to have the opportunity to lead the assembly and build their public speaking experience. Family members are always welcome to join us. Keep an eye on the newsletters for an indication of when your child's class are leading.

Volunteering at School

Volunteers and parent helpers play a vital role in our school and the education of our children. If you are visiting our school to help out, please remember that in order to do so, consistent with DEC policy, you must first have signed a working with children declaration at the office. When you complete a declaration we need to sight your drivers licence. Once this is complete, please ensure that each time you visit our school you sign-in at the office, collect and wear a visitor's lanyard and return the lanyard when you leave. Our helpful office staff will talk you through it if you are coming in for the first time. Your assistance in our school is such a big help and we appreciate all our volunteers.

Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is open Wednesday mornings from 8:45am. If you are unable to make it at that time, you are welcome to leave an order form with the office. Please note that the uniform shop receives cash only (the correct money is also helpful). Parents can DIRECT DEPOSIT to the P&C or use Back to School vouchers also.