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Early childhood resources

This page and resources have been designed to support educators to deal with the closure of a preschool or early intervention class or the extended absence of a child due to illness or other reasons.

It encourages educators to where possible to prepare for a child's absence and ensure their learning is not compromised as a result. It includes ideas for families to support learning in the home environment.

Communicate regularly with families to discuss learning and develop goals. This ensures families have input into and share in decisions about the learning and wellbeing of their children. Strategies to maintain this communication during a child's absence or closure include:

  • Keeping in regular contact with the family about the child's learning and wellbeing during the time away from preschool or early intervention.
  • Sharing current information about the child's current learning and development with the family, using recent observations and learning records.
  • Suggesting learning experiences that could support continuity of learning in the home environment.
  • Carefully considering the learning outcomes for each child before they leave and when they return to the service.

The accompanying resources can be used by educators to support families when a child is absent from preschool or an early intervention class. You could provide these to parents and encourage them to engage in learning experiences with their children.

Suggested activities

1 - Children have a strong sense of identity (DOCX 73KB)

2 - Children are connected with and contribute to their world (DOCX 74KB)

3 - Children have a strong sense of wellbeing (DOCX 80KB)

4 - Children are capable and confident learners (DOCX 73KB)

5 - Children are effective communicators (DOCX 73 KB)