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Learning from Home Communication to Students and Parents

Hi Stage 3 students, parents and carers,

We will be conducting our learning online using Google Classroom and using a paper booklet.

Check your class stream for reminders and updates and your classwork tab for documents needed for your work.

Each day the stage 3 teachers will post what work will need to be completed. This work will be literacy and numeracy based and include a longer term project.

Working from home should follow this suggested routine:

  1.  Students should log on to google classroom each day at 9am, say hello and check what work they need to do. We have invited parents to this platform so that they can see what work their child is doing. Please email us if you are having problems getting onto Google Classroom.
  2.  Spend 1 hour working on the prescribed Literacy work for the day and post the work so your teacher can comment on it. Read any instructions and use any marking guide to check and improve your work.
  3. Break. This can include playing in the back yard, working on a creative project, posting something of interest to Google Classroom and asking others to comment, working in the garden, learn to cook. Posting videos, photos, articles that relate to our work. Video yourself reading a book and post it. It would be very intetresting to see how you are learning different things at home.
  4. 1 Hour of working on the prescribed Maths work for the day and post the work so your teacher can comment on it.
  5. Work for an hour on the creative project. Each project will have a different due date.
  6. Library – Post the work set by Mrs Conrick once a week
  7. Technology – Post the work set by Mrs Downes once a week

Students, do you remember how we all forget things that we have learnt when we come back from holidays? This is not a holiday now. It is important that we do some work each day so that when we come back to school we will be ready to go.

Keep on learning!

Parents, please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions about your child's online learning. 

Ms Ellis, Ms Hibbert, Mrs Martin, Mrs Downes, Mrs Conrick and Mr Carlin.