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Dear Students and Parents,

We are very sad that our learning journey together in the classroom has had to be put on hold for a while. But it is ok, we will get through this tricky time and we are here to support you with your learning!

On Friday 27th March, we will provide an opportunity for you to come and collect a folder of learning resources between 9.30-10.30. Please come to the undercover area near our room to collect these. There are a variety of activities that you can complete whilst you are away from school. We  have tried to design activities to begin with that are fun, engaging, easy and manageable for you to complete fairly independently. Most importantly something that your family can help you with, with as little stress as possible!

You can still gain feedback and assistance from us. This can be done by Mum and Dad taking a photo and sending the photo through ClassDojo or contacting me via email. We have highlighted some tasks on your daily timetable that you can submit to us- IF YOU WANT TO. However, if you are unable to do this that is totally fine.

Our email addresses are:

Please don’t put any pressure on yourselves. Don’t underestimate the importance of lessons in everyday life, such as, cooking, helping fold the clothes, gardening and cleaning. Take this time to teach your kids some life skills and have some fun together. We need to look at this time as a positive way to slow down our day to day lives and reconnect as families and make memories together. You don’t need to replicate the school experience. Just keep being the teacher that you already are!

Most importantly please don’t forget to READ every day and enjoy the books you have. Play board games, card, dice or domino games with your family. Build a fort, build Lego together, look at old photos and reminisce. Spend quality time together making happy long-lasting memories, connections and feeling of safety whilst you are at home.

Above all keep being the calm role model your child needs at this challenging time. This is how you teach, keep doing YOU! Your child is learning from you every day!

Please continue to keep updated via our Skoolbag APP, Facebook page and our school website All parents have been provided with a login to ClassDojo which will be our main form of communication through this time. Please make sure you join the class as soon possible if you have not done so already.

We are very excited to see your smiling faces walk through the doors of CSPS when the time comes!

Love, Mrs Stallard, MrsWynter and Mrs Merchant